External Hard Drives... what's the differences
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Thread: External Hard Drives... what's the differences

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    External Hard Drives... what's the differences

    I need to purchase an external hard drive for back purposes.... confusion though is in some of the terminology on these drives.

    of the 2 external hard drives i'm seeing one just says EXTERNAL hard drive and seems to have a bigger foot print than the other one which says PORTABLE external hard drive.

    aren't they both PORTABLE hard drives.... and why is the one with the larger case/footprint cheaper and has a larger capacity than the "Portable" drive??

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    whutsupdoc, don't know if this will help: http://www.newegg.com/product/Catego...ubcategory=414
    I didn't read it all but it's interesting.

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    The terms are interchangeable. You are probably looking at 3.5" versus 2.5" drives.

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