HP m8120n with q6600.. Is it worth buying and how much is it worth?
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Thread: HP m8120n with q6600.. Is it worth buying and how much is it worth?

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    HP m8120n with q6600.. Is it worth buying and how much is it worth?

    your quick 2 cents would be much appreciated as I should get back to the seller before this long weekend is over (fyi, tomorrow is family day in canada - recently introduced) :-D

    I am quite down with my computer problem. and now I'm looking to buy a new but used system for a good price. I ran into this computer just now and I am wondering if I should consider buying it... apparently this model came out in 2006 or 2007... and I don't know if the devices and its configurations are optimal (enough) to get the juice out of the q6600 the quad core.

    here are the specs:

    Assuming that I will replace the hard drive, would it be worth paying $300 for it?

    thanks for your expertise :-)

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    If it's $300CDN it seems decent enough. Does it comes with a monitor ?

    My step-sister got one of those HP Media Center PCs on clearance a while ago (hers was an Athlon64 X2 6400 with 3 or 4GB RAM), it was and still decently powerful for the price, and being a Media Center PC came with a remote control and TV Tuner/video inputs which were a nice bonus.

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    thanks for a quick response equinoxe3d!

    no, it doesn't come with a monitor.

    yes, it is $300 CDN. but if you're thinking in comparison to the USD, there isn't much difference since CAD is pretty much on par with USD nowadays

    according to xe.com
    300.00 USD = 315.501 CAD

    I will likely make an offer to the seller within the next 12 hours or so. More thoughts, comments or suggestion would be appreciated in picking out my girlfriend that I will be with for a few years.

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    I'm not sure but the GFX card look like an on board card. It does cut the price a lot but if you need the Graphic power... you might have to upgrade this part has well.

    Other then that, for 300$ it's a decent deal for a stable PC.
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