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Thread: No Keyboard Response

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    No Keyboard Response

    I just finished building my new computer and needed to attach a keyboard to install my windows 7. The keyboard was a natural PS2 connection but I had a PS2/USB adapter. Well I booted up and couldn't get into the bios using F2 so I put the windows disk and couldn't get any response from the keyboard. I have had computers before not see USB on startup but this board has nothing but USB connections. So do you think I should buy a new fully USB keyboard or could it be something else?
    Giga-Byte 8a-ginxp board
    2.66 ghz P4
    Ati Radeon 9700 all in wonder video
    Soundblaster Audigy 2 EX
    Romtec trios harddrive selector
    2 60gb seagate 7200 drives
    1 80gb seagate 7200 drive

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    Those PS2/USB adapters don't always cut it. Borrow a USB keyboard and see if you get access.

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    A bios setting like 'Enable Legacy USB Support' may allow you to use the USB adapter on keyboard. Catch 22 here though as you can't get into the bios without a keyboard.

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