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Thread: Is Hardware Central Dying?

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    Oct 1999
    So sad this forum died! I used to post under the username G4, I think, but I wasn't able to rescue that account and it seems that many posts are gone.

    This forum gave many many hours of happiness back in the day.

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    Jul 1999
    I used to live on this website, reading posts, etc. Times have changed for me. I am no longer in the IT field, and don't have the time to spend on the Internet like I used to. Hardware Central is an amazing website, with many knowledgeable people. I always remember HWC as my source of computer information.
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    Apr 2014
    For many years I was only a reader of HWC, treating this forum as a valuable source of information. Being a reader of HWC for 8 or 9 years I could observe the changes in users engagement on this forum. And yes, less and less people participate in the forum discussions. The reason of it, at least in part, is a shift from classic PC computers to notebooks, tablets and smartphones, which do not allow to modify theit configuration. So - no doubts about choosing motherboard, HDD ot CPU, etc.

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    Too true. Mobility and convenience have crowded out power. The mobile devices have "enough" power to satisfy our needs.

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