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Thread: Help BIOS situation...

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    Red face Help BIOS situation...

    If this is the wrong board sorry...
    I have a hand me down eMachines T1140
    I want to upgrade the BIOS.....first I can't even access the BIOS and second eMachines support are arrogant fools they won't even provide me with the most simple courtesy as info about there own computer...
    Lastly is there even a BIOS upgrade available for this motherboard(computer)?
    Thanks for your time and help...
    (OH as a bonus question is there a video card backward compatible to run on the T1140 to support Windows 7 ?)

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    eMachine mobos are of proprietary design.
    eMachine would be the only source for any BIOS updates.
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    I visited the eMachine link and they did not offer any bios updates at the download link.
    Intel® 810e chipset with an Intel® Celeron® Processor 1.10GHz
    Onboard Video : Intel® Direct AGP 3D (810e shared)
    No AGP slot so you are limited to PCI slot video cards. Not much hope for that dinosaur.

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