no video on subsequent boots
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Thread: no video on subsequent boots

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    no video on subsequent boots

    Have an older Soyo Dragon motherboard with AMD CPU, running windows XP. AGP video. Had to re-install OS and all went well, multiple boots to get it all done, downloaded SP2, antivirus software etc. Then on last reboot, no video comes on, green light on monitor button just blinks like no computer is on.

    Came back next day and turned on computer and it booted right up, nice video etc, but when i rebooted again, no video. Switched out video card Radeon 9200 for the original GTO800XT Sapphire inserted, same deal.

    This is curious. i would guess the next things to consider would be the motherboard and maybe the power supply, but it struck me that might have something to do with the small battery on the motherboard. this behavior reminds me of a dying battery. The system is several years old (I forget how old) and it might be about time for a batterey to fail. Does this sound familiar? The little battery has something to do with the bios it says, could it affect the video this way? I guess it's an easy fix, but I still thought I'd ask.

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    You are talking about replacing the CMOS battery on your motherboard-that won't hurt, but I question whether it is causing what you are seeing.

    Can you try booting into Safe Mode, and then rebooting into it again? I am wondering whether it is a driver issue.

    Take a look at your power supply and see if you have any bulging or leaking capacitors in there-and take a look on your motherboard for the same thing.

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    Does the BIOS shows the correct time and date when it successfully boots? If it does then I would guess that the problem is something else. Anyway, I have never encountered problems booting up an old motherboard even with a dying battery.
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