V2 sli, perfomace advantage?
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Thread: V2 sli, perfomace advantage?

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    V2 sli, perfomace advantage?

    if you have two 12meg V2's in sli mode, would you get a boost in perfomance compared to the voodoo 3's because of the extra ram???

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    According to the stats I've seen, they are very close, and in some cases the V3 gets better speed, but in fewer cases the SLI does. Generally, if you have an sli setup, don't bother to go to v3 unless you need the slots back (one card v. 3) or have a lousy 2d card...
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    Unfortunately it was cheaper to buy a v3 2000 than another monster3d II 8 meg card they were still running for 140 at my computer show and sale, of course another advantage being that you can go and play games at above 1024x768, which makes the game entirely different at those resolutions
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