1.5 tb versus 1tb for speed
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Thread: 1.5 tb versus 1tb for speed

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    1.5 tb versus 1tb for speed

    will a 1.5 terabyte be faster than a 1 terabyte between hard drives of the same make and model? i'm asking because i heard a bigger platter makes the hd faster in some ways.

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    Are the platters bigger or are they more of them?
    Don't they all spin ar 7200rpm?
    Wouldn't it take more time to find a file on a larger drive when there are more files to search through?

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    If it's the same make/model, then i don't think there would be a significant difference.

    Higher platter density makes a difference. The same make/model would use the same platter density. In the case of the 1.5 vs 1.0, it's probably 3 platters vs 2 platters.

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    What they both said. If it has higher density platters, it will be faster until it fills to the point where the data is going to the other side of the platter. I think it's faster when the data is being written to the outside edge because that is moving past the heads faster than the smaller diameter inside edge.

    If you have the patience, Anand's second SSD article at Anandtech has very useful and interesting info of that type. Warning:very long.

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