gigabyte mobo, model # ga-m61pme-s2p

Windows detects the onboard as well as a pci nic with no problems, device is working properly... Latest updated drivers (for onboard), windows detects the older pci card.

I have installed (write zeros to the entire drive between each install) windows xp home, pro and windows 7 (rc1). Have tried two different known working ethernet cables. Two different hard drives. Removing and reinstalling the drivers under device manager. Moved the pci nic to a different slot. Going to try flashing the bios, and hope that works. Or possibly disabling the nic in bios and see if that effects anything (pci nic) then shutdown and re-enable it.

Windows xp home have slipstreamed updates into the install up to jan.09, xp pro has slip stream updates till last month.

What really annoys me is that windows seems to think everything is fine (no exlamation points in device manager). Windows does realize that the cable is unplugged if I unlpug it.

This is the second new gigabyte mobo I have had issues with in the past few months. The other one the esata wouldn't work!! Don't want to get into it