Strange internet connection query
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Thread: Strange internet connection query

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    Strange internet connection query

    I've a PPPOE internet connection with a username and password. The
    local ISP guy has put a switch on my terrace and stretched the CAT 5 cable directly into my desktop ethernet card.

    So before connecting to the net with a dialer I've an internal IP address
    in the range of 192.168.0.* which is given to me by the local gateway (also a DHCP server). Once I get connected to the net I've 2 IP addresses the internal 192.168.0.* and the other live IP.

    Now I've removed the CAT 5 cable frm my Ethernet card and attached the
    same to my wifi router so now I get the internal IP from the wifi router in
    the range of 192.168.11.* I've configured the router with my PPPOE
    settings which means even if my computer is switched off my net
    connection is on coz the internet wire is attached to the wifi router now.

    So now heres the question, yesterday my PPPOE account expired but I
    dint switch off my router and today I can still access the net even
    though my account is expired!! When I check the tracert command it
    shows the first hop as my wifi router then it shows all the internet
    routers but NOT the local gateway which used to give me the 192.168.0.*
    IP address.

    Does it mean that I've bypassed the local gateway?? Can they come to know
    that am still using an expired account?

    There's no cruel intention from my side but being into IT am just
    curious to know whats wrong technically coz I dont know much about the
    PPPOE internet connection.

    Please help


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    Check with your ISP to confirm account cancellation.
    "I know nothing."

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    Sure I want to confirm with them about the account cancellation because I want a better plan than my previous one but once I start using the new plan
    this curiosity of mine regarding the above problem will fade away and I dnt want that to happen coz I think this problem is strange. When I login with my
    username and password it says account expired but unfortunately am checking that with my supposedly already "expired" but still "active" connection.

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