Hello ALL..

Finally my V3 2000 has arrived.. perfect in Fifa 99 and NFS3..

But to play Quake 2, I had to download the new version of the V3 drivers that is compatible with Q3 Test. I also had to setup my desktop to 16bits colors..then I configure Quake 2 as 3dfx OpenGL, and it's blazing fast at 640x480 and 800x600 (more than 100 fps in demo1.dm2). But when I setup 1024x768 it simply don't recognize and switch back to Software Renderer.

If I choose Default OpenGL it works in all resolutions, but it gets extremely slower (about 70 fps in 640x480). What's wrong ?

In Quake 3, it doesn't recognize my OpenGL System and aborts..

Any owner of Voodoo3 play these two games (Quake 2 and 3) and experienced problems like these ??

TKS in advice..