alright guys, here it is:

IF you are a AMD user: Buy a voodoo3 3000

+3d-now support
+best bang for the buck by far
+less cpu power
+Flat out nice card!
if you go to you can find
a V3 3000 for $129

IF you are a celery or PII/PIII user:

Much harder choice, Voodoo3 3K still will work great, but those chips can handle the TNT2. Therefor, if you want the 32-bit color, TNT2 is your solution.

+ 32-bit color
+ hard on cpu (so only intel users need apply)
+More expensive

________________ <------(bottom line)
AMD/slow pent.=V3 3K
Any intel+no $$$=V3 3K
High end Intel+$$$=TNT2 or V3 3K (if you like the speed)

Both are great cards, it just depends on your system.