Hi everyone. I spent six months downloading files and documents and saving videos and pictures etc. etc.in a 750 Gb Seagate harddrive in a NexStar External 3.5" Enclosure eSata & USB 2.0 Interface; which when shaken the harddrive could have been heard moving a bit inside.

One day I shook the table a bit while downloading some files and everything mentioned on the first paragraph fell to the ground. When I tried connecting everything again my pc didnt manage to recognize the harddrive and all I could hear was a clicking sound every 2 to 3 seconds. I gave it to an IT friend of mine and tried to see if it was the wires on the enclosure but negative, nothing was found.

After several months of investigating how costly it is to recover data from a harddrive I decided to open it myself and see the defect with my own eyes. I opened the lid from the hard drive and saw that while spinning the read/write heads after 2 to 3 seconds gives a quick jump to the side of the platters and comes back and then repeats the same thing again.(the clicking sound)

I still have it connected to the enclosure wire when all this happens and once it is turned on from the enclosure and I turn on my pc...it starts spinning and clicking for about 5-10 minutes after being logged on to the windows desktop and then it eventually stops spinning and clicking and does nothing...

........any ideas??? At this moment I am willing to try and swap anything that you believe is faulty or damaged to that of another identical harddrive...platters?? spindle motor?? spindle?? read/write heads??head actuator?? control(logic) board?

I really dont know what Im doing but I am desperate and will try anything. So it would be very helpful if you would be very detailed on any precautions, procedures, do's and donts that you think might help in assisting me in recovering the data...pleaseeee

Thanks alot guys....hope to hear from you soon...and have a nice day