Last night I was resetting my computer and as I was standing up to leave the room I accidentally kicked the top of the computer. It was a pretty decent jab, though I doubt it caused any harm. Anyways, when I came back my computer was off, so I hit the power button. The fan spun one time but nothing overall happened. I have owned and opperated my computer for over a year now.

Anyways, long story short I removed everything from my computer except the motherboard, power supply, and even the hard drive and ram. The computer still failed to do anything when I hit the button except spin the CPU and PSU fan one time and then stop, so I started unplugging power cords from the motherboard itself. I unplugged the 4 pronged CPU power cord from the motherboard and the fans started running. I did not hear a beep or anything but the CPU Fan and PSU fan spun when I turned the computer on and continued to spin as though the computer were running.

So... I went out and bought a new power supply. The new power supply does the same thing except it does not even try to start when I have the 4-pronged CPU power cord plugged in. However, with the cord unplugged the fans spin. I reset the CMOS and that seemed to do nothing. I am very sad that I am without a computer and I would really appreciate any help you guys have to offer, please.

So my question is, what part do you guys think it is? The motherboard? The CPU? Remember, I cannot get any words to appear on the screen no matter what I try. Here is a link to my motherboard information and CPU information.