Built this from a bare-bone kit:

Mobo XFX MG-63MI-7109
Intel Pentium D 830 (Smithfield), Dual-core, 3.0GHz / 2MB Cache Socket 775, 800 FSB Processor with Fan
NVIDIA nForce 630i/7100 Audio, Video, both onboard
MicroATX case
450-Watt Power Supply -Generic (Oops!)
Crucial 2048MB PC5400 DDR2 667MHz Memory

Manual for mobo, but not BIOS settings

New Seagate SATA 80 GB HD, my own CD-RW
Win XP Pro SP2

My usage: no gaming, no video editing, nothing stressful on this system.

Be gentle. I had old slow computers and longstanding financial problem, and this was the best I could afford. This was the first one I've done without help, but I'm experienced in parts replacement, system repair.

After about 2 months, upon bootup, I would get the first black screen enumerating the drives and memory, then the screen went black with a flashing white dot in the upper left corner. Could not reboot normally.

The BIOS produced these beeps: 1 short, 2 short, 1 short 2 short. Not definitive on the AMI beep list, but 3 short = "Base 64K memory failure A memory failure has occurred in the first 64K of RAM. The RAM IC is probably bad " http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm#04 WHAT"S RAM IC?

Searching the net produced no other definitive results. XFX took back the mobo, tested it, said it was defective, said probably the bad PSU had shot it. The techie said he's seen it many times.

Used an old faithful PSU ( PSU #2) with mobo #2, but got the same results. XFX said mobo was NOT damaged, but replaced it anyway to give me a fresh start. Mobo #3 was thoroughly tested before shipping.

Here's where I am now: Mobo #3, I replaced PSU#2 with another old faithful, (PSU #3) 430W, fully functional. Some bootups produce the black screen, some don't. PSU #2
and #3 work fine in my old comp. . I no longer get the 3 beeps.

I have no technical testing equipment, but I have :Everest Home Edition.

Temp readings from BIOS after running a while:

CPU temp-- 152-158
SYS TEMP-- 98-102
CPU fan -- about 2616, fluctuates slightly
SYS FAN -- 0 RPM (not monitored?)

I could return the whole thing to TigerDirect (another Oops! And yes, I know they're awful regarding returns.) but I've been without it for 2 months, and I've needed a fast comp for work for several years. If it's something minor, although they're responsible, I 'd rather just fix it myself, considering the initial coast was only $200 with the new HD. Major--it goes back to them. And better if I can pinpoint the problem before I call them.

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