When I had my Vista OS on my PC it configured it very fast. Found the network>>Printer and was working.

So I do have the printer connected USB to one computer but it has wireless capability. This is how I used it with my Vista OS last month.

I now have XP Pro and I finally got to the point where the printer is found, got the software on it and went thru the Brother wizard and it also found it and sent a msg to the printer and the thing printed out a sheet about the connection.

Can't print a test page though and I get this msg as well.

Went to the printer and did the wizard on the small screen and put in my WPA, encryption password and it then said that it is connected. Still won't print though.

Do I need to unhook it from the computer that it's on? Or should it print anyhow?

I don't have the computer on that it is connected to. It should go right from my pc to the router and to the printer and print like it did before.

I have checked the connections a few times now. It does show up in Printers too.

Oh well.