hey all, lately the videos that i watch on my laptop have been getting choppy and out of sync. like when i watch flash based shows on websites, after 10-20mins. the video will get choppy or out of sync. also, when i watch downloaded movies or tv shows with windows media player the video will always get choppy or out sync within the first 15min. i've tried different codecs and restarting the comp. the only program that doesn't do this to the videos is vlc player, but i don't like the quality of this player.

i've reinstalled windows many times, tried windows 7 and tried different video drivers (official releases and modded ones) with the same results. this problem just started to happen in the last 6 months. is my video card about to die or something. i've had this laptop for a year and a half and only started to encounter these problems recently. wondering if SP1 had anything to do with it? i'm just frustrated and annoyed, ready to buy a new laptop.

HP Pavilion dv2745se
nvidia geforce 7150m
Windows Vista 32bits SP1