I've read the thread (http://discussions.hardwarecentral.c...light=imperial) about the replacements for the Imperial GV20030812. Since that thread is about 3 years old I thought it'd be ok to start a new one?

I see there are a couple of motherboards that are listed as decent replacements. But now that it's 2009, does anyone know of any more recent boards that are suitable replacements, preferably really cheap. I mean, PCChips or MSI cheap.

I hate working on emachines in the first place and this customer would complain if his ice cream was too cold. I told him I'd give him a deal on a used computer that I've upgraded because this thing is encrusted with smoke residue and it's archaic. But he won't hear it. I'm going to make him pay for parts up front before I work on his machine, because I don't want to get stuck with the bill (yeah, he's one of those customers).

The customer has made it clear that he would rather pay for junk that works temporarily, than buy quality. I'd throw another Imperial GV 20030812 in there if they were cheap, but they still go for $80 or more.

Does anyone else have the privilege of working on this crap?

Sorry I sound so callous. It's a combination of emachines + unemployed individuals on welfare with an attitude.

But thanks in advance.