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Thread: Moment of Truth is at Hand.....

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    Jan 1999
    I have a V550 card, and used it with very pleasing results with my K6-2 350. Only this week have I upgraded to a P2 450 and WOW. The TNT is very good on the AMD chip, but it is no-where near as fast as it can be on a Pentium system.
    I appreciate that I have also had a significant increase in clock speed, but its true what they say
    Pentium = TNT
    AMD = VooDoo

    I have ran a Q2 test with the new processor, and at 1200x768 have almost doubled my frames per second. This is not too noticeable during normal play, but when the action hots up, the K6 used to suffer from delays and skippy frame rates, so far the P2 has been silky smooth.

    I would seriously recommend any AMD user out there to upgrade to a P2 if they are using a TNT card.
    I know it looks good, but it is capable of so much more.

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    I agree w/ Griffin.
    Amd = Voodoo
    Pentium 400+ = TNT2

    At pricewatch, you can find a Diamond V770 TNT2 for about $150
    quote cfour - nevermore.

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