Simultaneous Wi-Fi Connections?
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Thread: Simultaneous Wi-Fi Connections?

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    Simultaneous Wi-Fi Connections?

    I belong to a local volunteer fire company. We reside on the 2nd floor of the municipal building. We have a Dell Latitude Laptop with Built in Wi-Fi and access the internet wirelessly which is direct wired to a Linksys router on the 3rd floor above us the local govt offices. We purchased a Dell 966 All in One printer with Wi-Fi connectivity. When we connect to the intranet, we cannot print anything. When we try to connect to the printer, most times it doesn't work unless we reboot the computer (Vista Business) and then connect to the printer vs. the Internet service. Is there anyway to keep both active, so that I can switch between the two w/o having to reboot to re-establish connectivity to either one or the other? Is there a patch or update I'm missing that would let me do this?

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    You can't have 2 different IP addresses for one card simultaneously. It just doesn't work like that. If you connected your wired port to one network, and then had the wifi connected to another network, that would work.

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    can you configure the printer to obtain an ip from the router?

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