Acer X223WBD or Philips 22Inch
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Thread: Acer X223WBD or Philips 22Inch

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    Exclamation Acer X223WBD or Philips 22Inch

    Hi:I have searched the Internet for a Suitable LCD Monitor 22 Inch and I found Four of them with a Superb feature and a good review and Rating:

    1) Dell Sp2208 WFP 22 inch

    2) Samsung 226BW 22 inch

    3) Acer X223Wbd - LCD - TFT - 22 Inch

    4) Philips Brilliance 22" WideScreen LCD - Black (4 years warranty)

    I was leaning Towards Dell Sp2208WFP & Samsung 226BW Unfortunately Both of them has been discontinued

    and nobody sell them anymore

    So now I'm looking for either the Acer X223Wbd 22 Inch

    or the Philips Brilliance

    I was hoping anyone who has experience With Acer or Philips could put

    their two cents in as to how good these monitor is and if I

    should spring for it.

    Thanks a ton.

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    Dell or Samsung would be my choice between the 4 options you list.
    Since both models are discontinued, there is a similar Samsung model here that I would also recommend, especially if you're looking for a 2 ms response time.

    I just bought the Samsung model 2233BW which has a 5 ms response for less than $200 at Circuit City going-out-of-business sale. I really like it. Very sharp picture, and vivid colors.

    I would've bought the 2253BW model above, which is supposed to be a newer model, but CC didn't have any in stock at the store I was at and I would have had to drive to West Palm Beach to get it . They had that one for about $229 I think it was.

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    Hi:I didn't like the Stand in the Samsung
    as with regard to the AcerX223 it has a very good stand + a very good price and Finally a good review :

    CNET Acer X223 Review:

    Advice from a You Tube Member:


    December 07, 2007
    (less info)
    This is the third LCD Samsung monitor
    that I have owned within the past 5
    months. It auto-adjust CONSTANTLY. All
    I have been getting from Samsung as a
    remedy is refurbished, pieces of crap
    monitors that do not work properly. Do
    yourself a favor and maybe buy a Sony, a
    Phillips, or whatever. Just do not buy
    anything from Samsung.
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    I'm sure bad reviews could be found for just about any product , but just from my personal experience, I've had two Samsung monitors at home and both have worked flawlessly. I've also been using a Samsung 32" flat screen TV now for about 3 years with no problem whatsoever. Great picture.
    The newest monitor did have a stuck pixel, but that was easily fixed with a little program I found for just that purpose.

    Acer seems to make a nice monitor too. I had an Acer computer about 15 years ago that worked perfectly till it couldn't be upgraded anymore and I gave it to my sister. She still has it and it's working....just way outdated of course.

    Best thing to do is to look at different brands in person if you can. Determine what picture looks best to you and go from there. Be aware though, that all the specs given for different brands can be somewhat misleading. I read somewhere that many companies will overstate the specs to make the product seem much better than what it really is.

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    You're going to believe one flaming ranter over all the guys that told you to buy Samsung?


    I'd still look into a Dell over an Acer or Phillips.

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