I'm considering a wide gamut (97% aRGB) monitor, the NEC LCD2690WUXi2-BK-SV, to improve my CS4,LR2, Epson 2400 trilogy. It will not hurt that Firefox 3 is color managed. My understanding is that this LCD has a sRGB preset that cannot be monitor hardware (LUT) profiled! Obviously it can if you're using it's default wide gamut.

My concern is how would using this LCD, or any wg, for normal apps like video (QuicTime) or movies (PowerDVD 8) show? Would the colors, especially red and skin, look too saturated, etc. If so I'm not sure whether I want to drop $1300 I a monitor with such limited range of usage for the benefits. I intended all along keeping my Dell 2001 LCD, but it's ancient and not worthy of the above functions anymore and I would not spring for 2 LCD's. Should I just get the sRGB NEC LCD2490WUXi-BK-SV instead?

Anyone with actual experience in these matters would be very helpful.