[RESOLVED] how do I download vista?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] how do I download vista?

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    so I had windows vista on my tshoba laptop - I hated it - so I swithed the OS back to XP with an OEM disc that I bought - none of the ports work now - no internet or anything. Which form what I am learning that is completely common. SO, I looked at my laptop and I still have the sticker for the activation code for Vista on the bottom of the laptop. SO - where do I download vista without buying an activation key code? because I already have one.

    any help would be great - thanks.

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    If the laptop came with vista, then you should have the Toshiba restore discs. If not, you'll have to order them from Toshiba.

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    thanks, I have moved since them, so I will have to dig around for them, if I cant find them then I will have to try to order them from toshiba, but thank you.

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