[RESOLVED] Enclosure for WD VelocyRaptor
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Enclosure for WD VelocyRaptor

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    I think this is how they are called: VelocyRaptor. I purchased a 10,000 Rpm 300 Gbt HDD from WD and the next thing I wanted was to clone my old C: drive to it. I needed an enclosure. First I purchased one on Ebay. That did not connect when I put in my old SATA, then I got one at BestBuy. Made by Antec, I believe. Good enclosure. Worked instantly with my old SATA. Then I tried to put in the Raptor and found to my disgust that it did not fit. It is a totally different hardware config. The HDD is tiny but there is a huge heat sink wrapped around it. There is no way I can connect it to the plugs in the enclosure. I went to BestBuy, discussed with them, they said they could not help and suggested a specialized USB with e-connector or something. A part came with the enclosure resembling that that has a brace but it seems to be firewire extension.

    What is the solution to this? I need an adapter.

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