Poor quality display
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Thread: Poor quality display

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    Poor quality display

    I've just upgraded my Video card to a V3 2000 PCI.

    The quality of the display is somewhat 'fuzzy'.

    Reinstall the original 2Mb D/Stealth 3200 Video and all is OK

    Any ideas what may be causing this problem with the new card ?


    Brian Bristow

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    Bridgeport, Ohio USA
    The Voodoo3 is dedicated to 3D quality. I have noticed the same, poor 2D display quality, in my V3 3000. But I guess that (2D quality) is what you must sacrifice to achieve superb 3D quality. But if you find something to improve it, don't be shy. Post it or e-mail me the fix. hehe
    No, really, it's just a chemical imbalance.

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