What is the difference between TNT2 &TNT2 ultra?
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Thread: What is the difference between TNT2 &TNT2 ultra?

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    What is the difference between TNT2 &TNT2 ultra?

    I was just reading some of these threads and I heard mention of a TNT2 ultra. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if this is just a new name for a TNT2 or if this is something different.

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    The TNT2 and ULTRA TNT2 are two different cards. The TNT2 Ultra has a higher clock and memory speed which means it will be faster. So far the best Ultra is from hercules (big suprize there {sarcastic}because their TNT rocked)with a i think a 175 clock and 200 memory but it uses sdram, not sgram (like i would care but...) The TNT2 is overclockable, but not as much as the voodoo3 3500 (from what i hear [i dont have either])THat is the basic difference
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