Which TNT2? And a bunch of other questions...
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Thread: Which TNT2? And a bunch of other questions...

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    Which TNT2? And a bunch of other questions...

    I'm interested in the Hercules Dynamite TNT2u and I wanted to know what you were waiting for.

    Also when will they ship? I'm hosting a small LAN party this weekend, ~12 people, and would want something now. Wishful thinking I know.

    I currently have a Voodoo3 3000 and a Viper V770. Between them I can keep only one (money issue) so I'm going to benchmark them both and I'll post the scores. Should I return the TNT2 and wait for the ultra and has anyone had success o/cing a Viper V770 to ultra specs?

    Oh yeah, which TNT2 do you have or are you waiting for?

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    I pre-bought a Creativelabs graphics blaster TNT2 Ultra from Electronics Boutique. They said it would be in this week (i hope). I bought creativelabs TNT2, because they now have glide support (for glide only games) The glide drivers only support some games as of now, but should improve overtime, they just released them last week for their TNT boards.

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