Audio troubles with Toshiba Satellite P300-133
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Thread: Audio troubles with Toshiba Satellite P300-133

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    Audio troubles with Toshiba Satellite P300-133

    Hey guys. I'm having a little trouble with my laptop. It's a Toshiba Satellite P300-133, and I got it a few months back. Didn't use it for a little while, but when I finally did the Vista proved to be way too slow for me, and I downgraded to XP 32 bit.
    Everything works much better now (though there's a weird little glitch that makes browsers and other long windows scroll up or down maniacally sometimes), with the exception of my audio.
    The audio system's pretty good, and it worked just find on Vista. However, ever since I installed XP, when I listen to music it's slightly muffled; rather like a really old cassette player with an ancient tape inside, with rattling when you up the volume, too. What's strange is that as soon as I either start calling someone on Skype - and I do mean "as soon", since I just need to wait for the "tum-pee-dum-pee-dum-pum" sound it makes - or get a message on Skype, the sound clears up immediately. It then stays lovely for around 2-3 songs, and then simply clicks back into its low-fi mode. The same seems to happen if I put on a movie at the same time as a song (I use foobar to play my music, and if I run, say, Media Player Classic, it clears up). When it changes back to sound like crap it does so instantly - not during a song, but when a new one begins.

    It's weird. I've reinstalled the driver several times, and even tried the Vista one provided on Toshiba's website. No dice. The driver may be available, but it doesn't solve this problem.
    The issue is definitely not with Foobar, either. I've tried Winamp and get the same thing, Skype-cure and all.

    It's doing my head in since I listen to music constantly. Please help a girl out. If this has been brought up before I apologize, but I searched the forums and didn't find a laptop like mine, and no other threads seemed to mention any problems like mine either.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Have you tried using Everest Free Edition or Belarc Advisor to find the manufacturer of the sound card on your machine? You may be able to find better drivers at the manufacturers web site.
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