Help wih toshiba satellite CD Drive...
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Thread: Help wih toshiba satellite CD Drive...

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    Unhappy Toshiba satellite P105 S6064 CD Drive...

    OK, well, in the summer of 2006, I got new laptop, quite a step up from the ancient sony vaio that I had been uing for 3 or 4 years before that. It's a Toshiba Satellite p105 s6064. I know that so well because I am CONSTANTLY looking up how to fix something or other, as everything fell apart immediatly after my warrenty expired.
    My current situation (besides the fact that half my screen is now useless, yay) is that the cd drive will not work. It's done this to me once before, but I fixed it by turning the entire laptop upside down and pushing in on the cd drive. Then I stopped using the cd drive and just downloaded things or put them on external hard drives using a friend's pc. But now I need it to work. I REALLY need it to work. So I tried my old tricks, and it failed.

    What it does is this,
    in order to eject the cd tray, you have to first push inward on both sides, and then hit the button.
    If I push in on it the led will blink about 20 times, the cd drive will make whirring noises and such, giving me hope that it will work, when it still doesnt.
    If I click on the cd drive in my computer, it says please insert disk.
    I just installed a bunch of updates for my computer, and I looked at the drivers for the cd drive and it says that everything is working properly.

    Does anyone know what I can do?
    Do I just need to shell out for a new one? I'm a poor college kid, I really don't want to have to spend that much on this peice of crap. I never should have bought it in the first place >.< It is the last toshiba product I will ever own.
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    Many Toshibas have a single screw holding the cd drive into the case. It's usually on the bottom of the case, marked with a CD disc symbol. Try pulling out the drive and reseating it.

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    If your problem is only getting the tray out to load a disk, does the tray have a small hole to insert the end of a paper clip to open it? Most tray style cd drives will open that way.

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    i have a toshoba satellite a205-s5804 wit a dvd=rw drive that does the same thing, its crap

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