I have two printers, both USB. One a inkjet with a 6' cable, the other a combination laser copier, scanner and printer that uses a 12' cable.
The printer (or USB port, or both) never liked the additional cable length so the transfer is slow. No problem with the short inkjet printer.

But, recently, the transfer speed to the laser printer has gotten slower. Much slower that it was orginally. There has been no hardware changes. I think I have also noticed a slow down with the inkjet, but not as much.

The USB 2 port is on a nVidea nForce5 MB w/ 2GB of Ram running XP Pro w/sp2 if any of that matters. The only other thing I have on the USB bus is a media card reader (not in use at the time). Nothing else connected.

What I usually print are .pdf pages using FoxIt Reader.

Any other info needed, please ask.