Just joined today, what an excellent site this is.

My problem that I hope you might to be able to throw some light on is that I have recently added an 'All in One Card Reader' manufactured by Genesys logic. The model is GL826 USB 2.0 High speed. It is meant to work with Vista.

I can get the SD card and SM/XD card to read ok and can see the drives in 'My Computer', but I cannot get the USB Pendrive part to work at all.

At first it used to freeze my mouse as soon as I connected a USB pendrive and then I found that if I added the Vista Mouse 64 Intellimouse Driver the problem of freezing got resolved. I am now left with nearly all the internal 3.5 inch unit working except the pendrive.

The Card Reader has two connecting leads with 5 small wires on each, that are in the exact order as below;

+V, Red
+D, White,
V-, Black,
GND Yellow

My MOBO on the other hand has a USB header I think it is called has ie, 4 or 9 connections as the ninth NC is not connected I believe it stands for.

USB +5v
USB P12 -
USB P12+

. My MOBO is an ASUS P5K SE, and OS is Vista Ultimate 64.

Do I need to change the D+ and D- wires around on the card reader leads, and disconnect the V- in order to make it work on my MOBO?