[RESOLVED] cant get video card installed
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Thread: [RESOLVED] cant get video card installed

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    trying to install a graphics card geforce 8500 gt onto a lenovo thinkcentre s51 type 8171 only selection in bios to turn off motherbard graphics is to choose "pci" wich says that when comp starts it will use that .when i install the graphics card and turn on comp the fan on the card and comp will run everything but the monitor mouse and keyboard. the comp never fully starts up it powers up but doesnt run. any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Initial suspicion,
    Inadequate PSU.
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    comp was supposed to have been shipped with a plastic bevel over the pci e slot stating only pcie x1 was compatable, it did not so the pcie x16 fit fine and i assumed it was compatable. time and money down the drain due to a simple missed plastic bevel and incorrect specs from the comps vendor websight.

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