Laptop GPu Overheat
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Thread: Laptop GPu Overheat

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    Laptop GPu Overheat

    I was using HP Dv9000. It has got a Nvidia 7600 go 256 mb.
    The graphics card one day got faulty and started giving horizontal lines at the bios level and windows was not booting and giving blue error screen. However I was able to logon to windows in safe mode.
    I'm positive that it got faulty because of overheating.
    Now, I am replacing the motherboard and as I opened the laptops, I found that there was no cooling gel sticking to the GPU chip or the heat sink of the chip.
    I want to know that If i put some gel at the new motherboards chip, will it be okay. I mean that can all chips support cooling gel. Are these gels conductors or non conductors of Electricity?
    Please I need a quick response as my laptop is still open.

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    You should look into the nvidia gpu problem on the HP website:

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