I need help understanding two specialty items!?!
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Thread: I need help understanding two specialty items!?!

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    I need help understanding two specialty items!?!

    I am getting a lot of computer junk given to me because I have a line on a guy who recycles it free for me, because I can deliver bulk, and I recently came into two items just obscure enough that it is difficult to find info I can understand.

    One is an Adaptec 29320A SCSI card:

    As you can see it is too long for a PCI slot, yet it does fit. It was installed in a machine without the elongated slot (I have no motherboard that will take all of this cards length), when I got it, but that board was dead, and I have no idea if it was even supposed to be in there. Does it work in a standard PCI slot? It detects when I boot Windows with it installed, but there seems to be several drivers on Adaptec's site. The first one I picked just gives me the message that the the device cannot start. The descriptors of each driver is all greek to me....

    Unfortunately it seems that this is obscure enough they figure you know more than I do if you need a driver. It was hooked to two identical drives as well and I have the cable and drives too, and want to test them all, but I really need some kindergarten SCSI knowlege to proceed. All this stuff is gonna be sold but I really would like to test it first.

    The second thing I got is even more obscure. I know nothing about video editing and I don't care to know much, but I have a "Blackmagic Designs Intensity". I can't really glean much at all about it from their site. Obviously it should have a name for what it is beyond the tradmark name, but I'll be damned if I can find it. It has two of those HDTV ports (forget the offical name of those).

    I do have one board with the small PCI-E slot that fits it (unfortunately that's my only non-Windows machine) and I think it may even fit in a PCI-E x16, but I worry that that would automatically disable the onboard video if I did it. I just want to test this to see if it works. I have no reason to suspect it doesn't. The power supply in the machine was good and the board was an ASUS. I just need enough info to have a vague idea what this item actually is, (in lay terms) and how to test it. Sorry to be longwinded but I always rely on you guys being there in the clutch Thanks in advance.

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    That's a 64-bit PCI card aka PCI-X. Workstation and server motherboards have those slots. It should still work in a 32-bit PCI slot.


    dunno about that blackmagic card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markjs
    ... "Blackmagic Designs Intensity"...

    Plenty of reviews on the net providing detailed info.
    In a nutshell, digital capture card.
    Software is listed at their website.
    "I know nothing."

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