V3 strikes back?
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Thread: V3 strikes back?

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    V3 strikes back?

    Hi. When TNT2 was out, 3Dfx knowed that their cards will lose cause they do not support true color dendering. Only 16 bit, and TNT2 can offer 32bit (24) with almost no performance hit. So I red, that 3Dfx released new drivers, which alows 22bit rendering and it look great, almost identical to TNT2. Do anyone know about this more? I red this at http://www.fps3d.com/articles/V3Review/
    so, can you tell me more about this? Thanks

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    THe discussion of the v3-22bit image vs. tnt-2 32 bit is posted all over these forums and hardware sites. Visit sharky's, Tom's Hardware, AGN3d, and Anandtech's web sites to read more on this matter. YOu can even view screen shots of the 2 cards side by side.

    IMHO, the difference is not that visable or important to me in real word game play.
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