Voodoo3..yes or no?
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Thread: Voodoo3..yes or no?

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    Voodoo3..yes or no?

    Hi all,
    I have a buying decision to make and I'm looking for a little insight. Since it seems I can't trust Tom's Hardware benchmarks, I thought I'd post something here. I'm looking into buying a V3-2000 card for my system and I'm not sure it's worth it. Here's my system config:
    PII 350
    128 meg PC100 RAM
    2 Voodoo2-8 meg cards running in SLI mode

    So, knowing my system specs, would my investment in a V3 be worth it, other than sharper graphics?
    Thanks :-)

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    You would probably need to go with a Voodoo3 3000, to see a performance boost over your present arrangement.
    You didn't mention what kind of card is providing your 2D at present, so it would be difficult to say how much better you will find the V3's picture quality in this area.
    You will notice things like how much more open it is on your motherboard, without two big honking V2 cards. You will get some improvement from the increased bandwidth of AGP over PCI.
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    I did forget my 2D card didn't I? :-( I'm currently using a Viper330. Sorry for the confusion.

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    All the review sites state that there is no major increase in a v3 vs. and v2-sli setup. THe V3 image quality is better they say.
    I f i had a sli rig, i would stay with it unless you got money to burn or can seel all your cards at an ok price.
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