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Thread: Rage Fury!!!!

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    Rage Fury!!!!

    HELP! I've just installed the Rage Fury - 32meg video card. I don't see any difference from my 4 meg video card. Can someone please tell me how to test the video card to see if it is working right?


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    I'm no expert, especially with your type of card, but here are some general suggestions.
    Check your CMOS settings, to ensure that AGP is selected and optimized as your graphics slot. I am assuming the Rage Fury is AGP, and your 4Mb card probably was not.
    Try re-installing your drivers, or checking ATI's website for any updated drivers. There were some new beta drivers for all their cards, posted early last week, I believe.
    You didn't mention anything about your system's specs. Usually, when people see no difference in the performance of a new card, they're right! The problem is their existing rig isn't able to handle a faster, more detailed graphics flow. Having lots of RAM never hurts.

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