Monitor Issue - Going Black
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Thread: Monitor Issue - Going Black

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    Unhappy Monitor Issue - Going Black

    For about a month now, my computer screen has been occasionally getting a "Blue/Green" tint over it, I would reset my computer and everything would be fine. I woke up this morning and got on the internet, my screen freezes. I can not get the computer to do anything so i manually reset it. When i try to get the computer to reboot, it sounds as if the computer is booting up normally, however i can not get the monitor to come on. I made sure all of the cables were plugged in correctly. I can turn it on and off, and when i turn it on the light goes from green to the amber color. My computer is a Dell XPS and has a flat screen monitor. Also when i unplug the monitor, the color test comes up, and I am able to see all of the colors just fine.

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    Does your Dell have a separate video card, or integrated video on the motherboard? Need more details to know.

    It could be a video card or motherboard.

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