Age Of Conan.
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Thread: Age Of Conan.

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    Age Of Conan.

    Hey there.

    Since I live in Europe, and heard alot of good things about this game, I decided to purchase the european version of this game.

    When I got the game, there was written on the front of the cover, that there was 30 days of free online gaming with the buy. But, when I got home and had installed it on my computer and ready to create the nessecary account, the homepage kept asking about a 'Gametime-Key'. But since I don't have Gamecard and don't have a Visa or Mastercard, what should I do and/or what can I do ??

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    I guess you would have to contact their technical support, there should be a phone number somewhere in the game manual, usually towards the back. They might be able to tell you what other options you have, if any.
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