Lately I've been looking for a new video card, a 7600 GT hasn't really kept up with the latest stuff too well I'm sure you can imagine.

Obviously my eyes flew to the 8800GT, which is so low in price right now it's ridiculous. I'm wanting to nab the 8800GT due to my liking of EVGA, but I've heard of some new cards coming around the corner.

I'm also on summer break right now, and I made the marching band here, the marching band is pretty serious, I'm going to be losing my summer after July 28th, and the whole first semester of school will also be eaten by it, so it'd be January before I could use anything gotten in July.
I also want a card that will last me for quite awhile, 2-3 years or so, and be done with just upgrading and upgrading, the rest of my computer is fine, I just need this 7600GT to be replaced.
I know that when the newer cards come out that they will not be cheap in any way whatsoever (For the longest time the 8800GT was 300 bucks), and being like any other human, I want to spend the least amount of money possible.
So is the 8800GT a good candidate for what I'm looking for?