Hey there! I found this forum searching the web for a no sync message i get from my monitor the last few days... I saw a post, but that had to do with 2 monitors that were switched and doesn't really apply to my case...
I'd like a little help on this problem that I have these last few days, because it's getting quite tiresome.. >.<

The event is pretty simple actually... A few days ago, I being in the middle of a game, my monitor showed me the "No Sync" message and turned off....
Since then it happens regularly, when the windows start or mostly when I log on a game(That game being world of warcraft). Sometimes i was in the middle of the game and i got the no sync message, and then alt-tabbed to windows and the screen went back to normal... When i touched it it was really hot. I guessed it's cause of overheating or something, but can't really tell... When i got it the first time was on the first really hot day of summer...

My monitor is a Vibrant L5EX-E02(14 inches i think, a pretty old one)
My pc cosists of these:
Intel P4 at 3GHz
1534 MB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra
CMI8738/C3DX PCI sound card

I've also had a series of malfunctions with the PC, the main one being the motherboard plastic that helps pin the cpu cooler in place being broken, and i now have the pc lying down and the cooler tied onto the cpu with a rope(!!!)... Dunno if that has anything to do with overheating or something, but thought i'd add it..

Thanks for your time and sorry for the block of text, but I'm not really typical with typing and tend to lose my thoughts >.<