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    Vodoo3: PCI or AGP for my VA-503+ and AMD K6-2????

    That's the question. What would give me better total performance, the PCI or AGP version of the Vodoo3 2000? I used to think the AGP would, but I'm not so sure anymore. I have both slots available in my VA-503+ mobo.

    Thanks for the assistance.

    I'd still like to consider a TNT2, but it seems like a Vodoo3 would be the best choice. Is this a good assumption?

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    easton, pa
    i have a FIC 503+ MB with a AMD K6-2 400, with 128 megs ram, and a brand spankin new VOODOOO 3 3000 agp and it FLIES. ive had absolutely no problems and my gaming experience is unmatched! id recommend the v3 3000 for anyone, especially if your running an AMD system!

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    Go ahead and get the Voodoo3 300 now. The TNT2 and other cards are going to give it a run for the money, but right now the V3 is the fastest card you can buy.
    It's a good buy for the money too. And definitely buy the AGP version. I just built a K6-2 350 with 64m of pc100 ram and the v3 3000 card. it runs great.

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