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    Problem solve

    Please or can post when any owner of voodoo2,tnt,tnt2,voodoo3 and rage fury problem to find solve by upgrade on system,change card,new or old patch,new or old driver,etc...
    So that can help other 3d accerelator card owner to find fimilar with problem.
    What i concern that might help 3d card owner to save time than call tech service which they might not answer or not enough define to solve.
    Some of tech service good help but not all.
    What do all you think of this???
    Is that good idea??

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    No, not really. Because machines differ from person to person software-wise, its often impossible to duplicate minor glitches on two identical (hardware-wise) systems. Take an experience I just had tonight: I decided to try out the Nvidia 1.73 ref drivers. Of course, after following their instructions, my display properties crashed every time I clicked on the icon. Keep in mind that very few people have registered complaints about these drivers, and all previous versions have worked fine on my machine. My point is that the large-scale known bugs are usually quickly reported and documanted on the website or in readme files. You cant 'document' specific little bugs like this one, so whats the point? If people actually READ the readme files first, half the people who have problems wouldnt. And the other half would be classified under the 'strange' problems category, like my experience above. Me, I know exactly what to do with strange experiences like the above: get rid of the new drivers, and be satisfied with the old.
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