Hi, there, could anyone help me with this?

I work as a graphic designer using 3DSMAX.
At my work I've got a PentiumII 400Mhz with a Diamond Viper550 TNT video card.
For MAX you can choose between three drivers:
- Heidi (software)
- OpenGL
- Direct3D
When I use the Heidi driver things work like a charm, but this doesn't use the TNT hardware.
When I try the OpenGL driver things get messy: transparent objects aren't transparent and when I display "edged faces" the wireframe and the faces are offset to each other. Same thing with the Direct3D driver (BTW does this use TNT hardware and is it any slower than OpenGL?)

So what's this all about? Is this a bug in the OpenGL driver or do I have to use a special 3DSMAX OpenGL driver or what?