I have a Benq Q7T3 17"LCD monitor. Recently it went blank and expelled a large quantity of smoke The power/inverter board has multiple components that show serious heat damage...PF751...Q759...Q760...C755...T753...and the PCB is even damaged under Q760. I have been searching the net for a place to buy a replacement board (part# DS 1107A), but have had no luck. I found a few retailers selling the DS 1107A (made by BenQ), but they are for DELL monitors. I would think that they would work...but the plug-in for the power cord appears to be located in a different location. Does anyone know where I can find the proper replacement board.
I can get the DS 1107A inverter board (made by BenQ for DELL) for $40-$45 shipped. But I need the DS 1107A that BenQ made for their own monitors.
I do understand that something else may have been damaged. I have already replaced the monitor. Call it a hobbie, or an obsession. I'd like to fix it if I can. If I can't...I can live with that.

Thank you for your time and any suggestions.