wii mario brawl and classic controller
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Thread: wii mario brawl and classic controller

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    wii mario brawl and classic controller

    ok so i just got brawl for the wii and bought a classic controller too cuz using the wii mote sideways is just too funky
    and on the classic controller the joypad part doesnt make my character move, only the joystick part. how to you use the directional joypad? i'm not a joystick user really.

    (i'd try to putz around it for a while or sift thru the manual but i gots to heads off to work so my lazy bum butt just trying to get an answer for when i come back )
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    I tried to use the directional pad on the joypad too. It doesnt work. The only way you can use a directional pad is if you use nothing else but the Wiimote. That's actually how I use it and it takes a bit of getting used to but is nice.

    The other nice ways are Wiimote+Nunchuk, and Gamecube controller. Nobody really likes the classic controller.
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