Best device for connecting a console to a computer monitor?
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Thread: Best device for connecting a console to a computer monitor?

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    Best device for connecting a console to a computer monitor?

    So I just got a pretty good monitor (a BenQ 21inch widescreen LCD). It's awesome I love it. I also have a wii. I love that too. I would love it even more if I could connect the wii video to my screen.

    I've attempted to do this before, when I purched this: However, the picture quality sucks, along with the fact that the colors, contrast, and pitch of the image are extremely off. No amount of tweaking the options of either the device or my monitor helped this. Lesson learned: don't buy extremely cheap stuff.

    So I was wondering if anyone had and suggestions on good devices that would take in the output of the wii (an RCA connector) and convert it to something I can plug into my monitor (either DVI or VGA). I'd prefer DVI just because it's a better quality than VGA but: 1) I'd take either really and 2) I'm not sure if the signal comming from the wii is a good enough quality to make the difference actually mean something anyway (as you can tell video is not my strong point).

    I am going for cheaper, but I want a device that can display a good picture on my screen.

    Any advice you could give me would be much appriciated.

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    1,193 = RCA to VGA = RCA to DVI

    You can usually find Cables to Go stuff cheaper at other online dealers (but not much cheaper).
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