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    Unhappy Overclocking Software and Tutorial

    Ok so my computer is still waiting on my power supply but I am getting started on learning about overclocking so I don't mess it all up.

    Software - I got Easy Tune 5 Pro with my motherboard so is that a decent program to overclock or is their other better more reliable software?

    I have the amd 64x2 5000+ black edition processor and an evga 8800gt graphics card and 2 corsiar 1gbyte DDR2 Twin2x ram cards.

    What do I need and Where do I start?!?!?!?!

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    First you start with sufficient cooling and power. A case without good airflow and/or bad heatsinks wont be the safest thing to overclock on.
    Same with a bad power supply, but then again, a bad power supply in any case isnt a good thing.

    Once those all are checked, most motherboards allow you to easily adjust your clockspeeds through the BIOS, and some come with programs that allow you to easily overclock within windows.
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    I have 2 120mm fans front and back and one 90mm with fan controller on side and my heatsink is a zerotherm BTF90 and I'm getting a 500w thermaltake psu... so ya I think I'm set there... oh and also to add to my first post I was wondering how to go about setting the ram... how do I know what numbers to put?

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