The best video card, would support true agp 2x/4x textures. It would also support all 3 api's in 32 bit color.

The Glide api is totally awesome. I hope that programmers continue to support it.

3dfx must have gotten side tracked, when they decided to manufacture and base the V3 on an agp platform. It's just a wasted agp slot.

I would really like to see a 3dfx glide based card with true agp support.
It would also be awesome if TNT's supported glide!

Opengl/minigl drivers are ok...?
Glide rocks the planet!
D3D is nowhere close, and never will be!

(1.0,2.0,3.0,5.0,5.2,5.2a,6.0,6.1 and soon 7.0) = did i miss a few revisions... what a joke

Media has it, that manufacturers listen to their customers? What's up with that, maybe we're not speaking the same language here.

The best of both worlds!