Q2 Problem with Leadtek TNT2
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Thread: Q2 Problem with Leadtek TNT2

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    Q2 Problem with Leadtek TNT2

    I just replaced a Canopus Pure3D with a Leadtek WinFast 3D320 II (TNT2) card on my Celeron 366 system and cannot run Quake2. I get a D3D WRAPPER ERROR, OUT OF TEXTURE HANDLES. I have no experience running Quake on anything other than 3Dfx card but there were no indications of any problems from the TNT2 reviews I read. I talked to Tech Support at Leadtek but the only suggestion they had was to make sure I was running DirectX 6.1. Obviously this did not help. I am not overclocked on either the Celeron or on the card. Please help.

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    gel> sounds funny. I don't know what to tell you. TNT2 directly supports Direct3D and doesn't need a wrapper. Only thing I can think of is to unistall the drivers and utilities for the Leadtek and reinstall them. Make sure all of your Canopus drivers are uninstalled/deleted.

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